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Verb starting with A      forms of the verb 

S. No. Base Form Past Form Past Participle Form s / es/ ies ‘ing’ form
1 arrive- arrived arrived arrives arriving
2 avoid avoided avoided avoids avoiding
3 abort aborted aborted aborts aborting
4 absorb absorbed absorbed absorbs absorbing
5 accept accepted accepted accepts accepting
6 accompany accompanied accompanied accompanies accompanying
7 ache ached ached aches aching
8 achieve achieved achieved achieves achieving
9 acquire acquired acquired acquires acquiring
10 act acted acted acts acting
11 add added added adds adding
12 address addressed addressed addresses addressing
13 adjust adjusted adjusted adjusts adjusting
14 admire admired admired admires admiring
15 admit admitted admitted admits admitting
16 advise advised advised advises advising
17 afford afforded afforded affords affording
18 agree agreed agreed agrees agreeing
19 alight alit alit alights alighting
20 allow allowed allowed allows allowing
21 animate animated animated animates animating
22 announce announced announced announces announcing
23 answer answered answered answers answering
24 apologize apologized apologized apologizes apologizing
25 appear appeared appeared appears appearing
26 applaud applauded applauded applauds applauding
27 apply applied applied applies applying
28 approach approached approached approaches approaching
29 approve approved approved approves approving
30 argue argued argued argues arguing

forms of the verb

Verb starting with B

1 beat beat beaten beats beating
2 beautify beautified beautified beautifies beautifying
3 become became become becomes becoming
4 befall befell befallen befalls befalling
5 beg begged begged begs begging
6 begin began begun begins beginning
7 behave behaved behaved behaves behaving
8 behold beheld beheld beholds beholding
9 believe believed believed believes believing
10 belong belonged belonged belongs belonging
11 bend bent bent bends bending
12 bereave bereft bereft bereaves bereaving
13 beseech besought besought beseeches beseeching
18 bind bound bound binds binding
19 bite bit bitten bites biting
20 bleed bled bled bleeds bleeding
21 bless blessed blessed blesses blessing
22 blossom blossomed blossomed blossoms blossoming
23 blow blew blown blows blowing
24 blur blurred blurred blurs blurring
25 blush blushed blushed blushes blushing
26 board boarded boarded boards boarding
27 boast boasted boasted boasts boasting
28 boil boiled boiled boils boiling
29 bow bowed bowed bows bowing

Verb starting with C

1 call called called calls calling
2 canvass canvassed canvassed canvasses canvassing
3 capture captured captured captures capturing
4 caress caressed caressed caresses caressing
5 carry carried carried carries carrying
6 carve carved carved carves carving
7 cash cashed cashed cashes cashing
9 catch caught caught catches catching
10 cause caused caused causes causing
11 cease ceased ceased ceases ceasing
12 celebrate celebrated celebrated celebrates celebrating
13 challenge challenged challenged challenges challenging
14 change changed changed changes changing
15 charge charged charged charges charging
16 chase chased chased chases chasing
17 chat chatted chatted chats chatting
18 check checked checked checks checking
19 cheer cheered cheered cheers cheering
20 chew chewed chewed chews chewing
21 chip chipped chipped chips chipping
22 choke choked choked chokes choking
23 choose chose chosen chooses choosing
24 classify classified classified classifies classifying
25 clean cleaned cleaned cleans cleaning
26 cleave clove/cleft cloven/cleft cleaves cleaving
27 click clicked clicked clicks clicking
28 climb climbed climbed climbs climbing
29 cling clung clung clings clinging
30 close closed closed closes closing

Verb starting with D 

1 damage damaged damaged damages damaging
2 damp damped damped damps damping
3 dance danced danced dances dancing
4 dare dared dared dares daring
5 dash dashed dashed dashes dashing
6 dazzle dazzled dazzled dazzles dazzling
7 deal dealt dealt deals dealing
8 decay decayed decayed decays decaying
9 decide decided decided decides deciding
10 declare declared declared declares declaring
11 decorate decorated decorated decorates decorating
12 decrease decreased decreased decreases decreasing
13 dedicate dedicated dedicated dedicates dedicating
14 delay delayed delayed delays delaying
16 deny denied denied denies denying
17 depend depended depended depends depending
18 deprive deprived deprived deprives depriving
19 derive derived derived derives deriving
20 describe described described describes describing
21 desire desired desired desires desiring
22 destroy destroyed destroyed destroys destroying
23 detach detached detached detaches detaching
24 detect detected detected detects detecting
25 determine determined determined determines determining
26 develop developed developed develops developing
27 die died died dies dying
28 differ differed differed differs differing
29 dig dug dug digs digging
30 digest digested digested digests digesting
31 do did done does doing
32 draw drew drawn draws drawing
33 dream dreamt dreamt dreams dreaming
34 drink drank drunk drinks drinking
35 drive drove driven drives driving
36 drop dropped dropped drops dropping

Verb starting with E

1 earn earned earned earns earning
2 eat ate eaten eats eating
3 educate educated educated educates educating
4 empower empowered empowered empowers empowering
5 empty emptied emptied empties emptying
6 encircle encircled encircled encircles encircling
7 encourage encouraged encouraged encourages encouraging
8 encroach encroached encroached encroaches encroaching
9 endanger endangered endangered endangers entangling
10 endorse endorsed endorsed endorses endorsing
11 endure endured endured endures enduring
12 engrave engraved engraved engraves engraving
13 enjoy enjoyed enjoyed enjoys enjoying
14 enlarge enlarged enlarged enlarges enlarging
15 enlighten enlightened enlightened enlightens enlightening
16 enter entered entered enters entering
17 envy envied envied envies envying
18 escape escaped escaped escapes escaping
19 evaporate evaporated evaporated evaporates evaporating
20 exchange exchanged exchanged exchanges exchanging
21 exclaim exclaimed exclaimed exclaims exclaiming
22 exclude excluded excluded excludes excluding
23 exist existed existed exists existing
24 expand expanded expanded expands expanding
25 expect expected expected expects expecting
26 explain explained explained explains explaining
27 explore explored explored explores exploring
28 express expressed expressed expresses expressing
29 extend extended extended extends extending
30 eye eyed eyed eyes eyeing

Verb starting with F       

forms of the verb

1 face faced faced faces facing
2 fail failed failed fails failing
3 faint fainted fainted faints fainting
4 fall fell fallen falls falling
5 fan fanned fanned fans fanning
6 fancy fancied fancied fancies fancying
7 favour favoured favoured favours favouring
8 fax faxed faxed faxes faxing
9 feed fed fed feeds feeding
10 feel felt felt feels feeling
11 ferry ferried ferried ferries ferrying
12 fetch fetched fetched fetches fetching
13 fight fought fought fights fighting
14 fill filled filled fills filling
15 find found found finds finding
16 finish finished finished finishes finishing
17 fish fished fished fishes fishing
18 fit fit/fitted fit/fitted fits fitting
19 fix fixed fixed fixes fixing
20 fizz fizzed fizzed fizzes fizzing
21 flap flapped flapped flaps flapping
22 flash flashed flashed flashes flashing
23 flee fled fled flees fleeing
24 fling flung flung flings flinging
25 float floated floated floats floating
26 flop flopped flopped flops flopping
27 fly flew flown flies flying
28 fold folded folded folds folding
29 follow followed followed follows following

Verb starting with G

1 gain gained gained gains gaining
2 gash gashed gashed gashes gashing
3 gaze gazed gazed gazes gazing
4 get got got gets getting
5 give gave given gives giving
6 glance glanced glanced glances glancing
7 glow glowed glowed glows glowing
8 go went gone goes going
9 google googled googled googles googling
10 govern governed governed governs governing
11 grab grabbed grabbed grabs grabbing
12 grade graded graded grades grading
13 grant granted granted grants granting
14 greet greeted greeted greets greeting
15 grind ground ground grinds grinding
16 grip gripped gripped grips gripping
17 grow grew grown grows growing
18 guard guarded guarded guards guarding
19 guess guessed guessed guesses guessing
20 guide guided guided guides guiding

Verb starting with  H

1 happen happened happened happens happening
2 harm harmed harmed harms harming
3 hatch hatched hatched hatches hatching
4 hate hated hated hates hating
5 have had had has having
6 heal healed healed heals healing
7 hear heard heard hears hearing
8 heave hove hove heaves heaving
9 help helped helped helps helping
10 hew hewed hewn hews hewing
11 hide hid hidden hides hiding
12 hoax hoaxed hoaxed hoaxes hoaxing
13 hold held held holds holding
14 hope hopped hopped hops hopping
15 hope hoped hoped hopes hoping
16 horrify horrified horrified horrifies horrifying
17 hug hugged hugged hugs hugging
18 hum hummed hummed hums humming
19 humiliate humiliated humiliated humiliates humiliating
20 hunt hunted hunted hunts hunting

Verb starting with J and K    forms of the verb 

most common adjective list

1 join joined joined joins joining
2 jump jumped jumped jumps jumping
3 justify justified justified justifies justifying
4 keep kept kept keeps keeping
5 kick kicked kicked kicks kicking
6 kid kidded kidded kids kidding
7 kill killed killed kills killing
8 kiss kissed kissed kisses kissing
9 kneel knelt knelt kneels kneeling
10 knock knocked knocked knocks knocking
11 know knew known knows knowing

Verb starting with L

1 lade laded laden lades lading
2 land landed landed lands landing
3 last lasted lasted lasts lasting
4 laugh laughed laughed laughs laughing
5 lay laid laid lays laying
6 lead led led leads leading
7 leak leaked leaked leaks leaking
8 lean leant leant leans leaning
9 leap leapt leapt leaps leaping
10 learn learnt learnt learns learning
11 leave left left leaves leaving
12 leer leered leered leers leering
13 lend lent lent lends lending
14 lick licked licked licks licking
15 lie lay lain lies lying
16 lie lied lied lies lying
17 lift lifted lifted lifts lifting
18 light lit lit lights lighting
19 like liked liked likes liking
20 limp limped limped limps limping
21 listen listened listened listens listening
22 live lived lived lives living
23 look looked looked looks looking
24 lose lost lost loses losing

Verb starting with Mforms of the verb

1 maintain maintained maintained maintains maintaining
2 make made made makes making
3 manage managed managed manages managing
4 march marched marched marches marching
5 mark marked marked marks marking
6 marry married married marries marrying
7 mash mashed mashed mashes mashing
8 match matched matched matches matching
9 matter mattered mattered matters mattering
10 mean meant meant means meaning
11 meet met met meets meeting
12 melt melted melted melts melting
13 merge merged merged merges merging
14 mew mewed mewed mews mewing
15 migrate migrated migrated migrates migrating
16 milk milked milked milks milking
17 mind minded minded minds minding
18 mislead misled misled misleads misleading
19 miss missed missed misses missing
20 mistake mistook mistaken mistakes mistaking
21 misuse misused misused misuses misusing
22 mix mixed mixed mixes mixing

Verb starting with N and O  forms of the verb 

1 nap napped napped naps napping
2 need needed needed needs needing
3 nip forms of the verb  nipped nipped nips nipping
4 nod nodded nodded nods nodding
5 note noted noted notes noting
6 notice noticed noticed notices noticing
7 notify notified notified notifies notifying
8 nurse nursed nursed nurses nursing
9 obey obeyed obeyed obeys obeying
10 oblige obliged obliged obliges obliging
10 observe observed observed observes observing
11 obtain obtained obtained obtains obtaining
12 occupy occupied occupied occupies occupying
13 occur occurred occurred occurs occurring
14 offer offered offered offers offering
15 open opened opened opens opening
16 operate operated operated operates operating
17 optimize optimized optimized optimizes optimizing
18 order ordered ordered orders ordering
19 organize organized organized organizes organizing
20 overflow overflowed overflowed overflows overflowing

Verb starting with P

1 pass passed passed passes passing
2 paste pasted pasted pastes pasting
3 pat forms of the verb  patted patted pats patting
4 patch patched patched patches patching
5 pause paused paused pauses pausing
6 pay paid paid pays paying
7 peep peeped peeped peeps peeping
8 perish perished perished perishes perishing
9 permit permitted permitted permits permitting
10 persuade persuaded persuaded persuades persuading
11 phone phoned phoned phones phoning
12 place placed placed places placing
13 plan planned planned plans planning
14 play played played plays playing
15 plead pled pled pleads pleading
16 please pleased pleased pleases pleasing
17 plod plodded plodded plods plodding
18 plot plotted plotted plots plotting
19 pluck plucked plucked plucks plucking
20 ply plied plied plies plying
21 point pointed pointed points pointing
22 polish polished polished polishes polishing
23 pollute polluted polluted pollutes polluting
24 ponder pondered pondered ponders pondering
25 pour poured poured pours pouring
26 pout pouted pouted pouts pouting
27 practice practised practised practices practising
28 praise praised praised praises praising
29 pray prayed prayed prays praying

Verb starting with R forms of the verb 

1 race raced raced races racing
2 rain rained rained rains raining
3 rattle rattled rattled rattles rattling
4 reach reached reached reaches reaching
5 realize realized realized realizes realizing
6 rebuild rebuilt rebuilt rebuilds rebuilding
7 recall recalled recalled recalls recalling
8 receive received received receives receiving
9 recite recited recited recites reciting
10 recognize recognized recognized recognizes recognizing
11 recollect recollected recollected recollects recollecting
12 recur recurred recurred recurs recurring
13 redo redid redone redoes redoing
14 reduce reduced reduced reduces reducing
15 refer referred referred refers referring
16 reflect reflected reflected reflects reflecting
17 refuse refused refused refuses refusing
18 regard regarded regarded regards regarding
19 regret regretted regretted regrets regretting
20 relate related related relates relating
21 relax relaxed relaxed relaxes relaxing
22 rely on relied on relied on relies on relying
23 remain remained remained remains remaining
24 remake remade remade remakes remaking
25 remove removed removed removes removing
26 rend rent rent rends rending
27 renew renewed renewed renews renewing
28 renounce renounced renounced renounces renouncing
29 repair repaired repaired repairs repairing
30 repeat repeated repeated repeats repeating

Verb starting with S  forms of the verb 

1 save saved saved    saves saving
2 saviour savoured savoured saviours savouring
3 saw sawed sawn saws sawing
4 say   forms of the verb said said says saying
5 scab scabbed scabbed scabs scabbing
6 scalable scaled scaled scales scabling
7 scald scalded scalded scalds scalding
8 scale scaled scaled scales scaling
9 scam scammed scammed scams scamming
10 scan scanned scanned scans scanning
11 scant scanted scanted scants scanting
12 scar scarred scarred scars scarring
13 scare scared scared scares scaring
14 scarp scarped scarped scarps scarping
15 scat scatted scatted scats scatting
16 scatter scattered scattered scatters scattering
17 scold scolded scolded scolds scolding
18 scorch scorched scorched scorches scorching
19 scowl scowled scowled scowls scowling
20 scream screamed screamed screams screaming
21 screw screwed screwed screws screwing
22 scrub scrubbed scrubbed scrubs scrubbing
23 search searched searched searches searching
24 seat seated seated seats seating
25 secure secured secured secures securing

Verb starting with T

forms of the verb

1 take took taken takes taking
2 talk talked talked talks talking
3 tap tapped tapped taps tapping
4 taste tasted tasted tastes tasting
5 tax forms of the verb  taxed taxed taxes taxing
6 teach taught taught teaches teaching
7 tear tore torn tears tearing
8 tee teed teed tees teeing
9 tell told told tells telling
10 tend tended tended tends tending
11 terminate terminated terminated terminates terminating
12 terrify terrified terrified terrifies terrifying
13 test tested tested tests testing
14 thank thanked thanked thanks thanking
15 think thought thought thinks thinking
16 thrive throve thriven thrives thriving
17 throw threw thrown throws throwing
18 thump thumped thumped thumps thumping
19 tie tied tied ties tying
20 tire tired tired tires tiring
21 toss tossed tossed tosses tossing
22 touch touched touched touches touching
23 train trained trained trains training
24 trample trampled trampled tramples trampling
25 transfer transferred transferred transfers transferring
26 transform transformed transformed transforms transforming
27 translate translated translated translates translating

Verb starting with U, V and W    forms of the verb 

1 understand understood understood understands understanding
2 undo undid undone undoes undoing
3 uproot uprooted uprooted uproots uprooting
4 urge urged urged urges urging
5 use used used uses using
6 value valued valued values valuing
7 vanish vanished vanished vanishes vanishing
8 vary varied varied varies varying
9 verify verified verified verifies verifying
10 vex vexed vexed vexes vexing
11 vie  forms of the verb  vied vied vies vying
12 view viewed viewed views viewing
13 vomit vomited vomited vomits vomiting
14 wake woke woken wakes waking
15 walk walked walked walks walking
16 wander wandered wandered wanders wandering
17 want wanted wanted wants wanting
18 warn warned warned warns warning
19 waste wasted wasted wastes wasting
20 watch watched watched watches watching
21 water watered watered waters watering
22 wave waved waved waves waving
23 wax waxed waxed waxes waxing
24 waylay waylaid waylaid waylays waylaying
25 wear wore worn wears wearing
26 weave wove woven weaves weaving
27 weep wept wept weeps weeping
28 weigh weighed weighed weighs weighing
29 welcome welcomed welcomed welcomes welcoming
30 wend went went wends wending
31 whip whipped whipped whips whipping
32 whisper whispered whispered whispers whispering



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