Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-03

Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-03

Synonyms with Hindi meaning (समानार्थी शब्द )

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Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-03 (Q – Z)

Definition:- Synonyms are words that are similar to another word or have a related meaning.

Synonym का अर्थ समानार्थी या पर्यायवाची शब्द हे।  वे शब्द जो अर्थ में लगभग समान होते हे। किन्तु उनके रूप में विभिन्नता होती हे। ऐसे शब्द Synonym कहलाते हे। 

Let’s read some Important Synonym with Hindi meaning (Q – Z)

Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-01 (A – F)   Part -02 (G – P)

Synonyms start with Q and R

Word         Hindi meaning Synonyms
QUAINT पुराने ढंग का  odd, strange
Quarrelsome झगड़ालू  ill-tempered, irritable
Queer अजीब  strange, curious
Rainy बरसाती  damp, wet
Random आकस्मिक  accidental, chance
Ready पूरी तैयारी से  arranged, fit, completed
Refugee शरणार्थी  escapee, exile
Religious धार्मिक    devotional, divine, spiritual
Rescue मुक्त करना  deliver, liberate, release
resemble अनुकरण करना  approach, favour
Residence निवास स्थान, घर  home, house, palace
Respectful सम्मानपूर्वक  humble, polite, obedient
Revenue मालगुजारी  income, return, gain, profit
Rightful यथोचित  lawful, legal, true
Rogue दुर्जन, दुष्ट  villain, cheat, the devil
Roomy विशाल  wide, sizable, large

Synonyms start with S and T

Word         Hindi meaning Synonyms
Safety रक्षा, बचाव  protection, safeguard, security
Savings बचत  capital, fund
Scandal मानहानि, कलंक  disgrace, rumors, shame
Scholar विद्वान  expert, intellectual, pupil
solemn गंभीर  sober, ritual, ceremonial
Spendthrift अतिव्ययी  extravagant, prodigal
Stamina आंतरिक ऊर्जा  power, strength
Stupid मुर्ख  foolish, dull
Successful सफल  lucky, wealthy
Talkative बातूनी  chatty, gossipy
Talented बुद्धिमान  able apt, clever
Target लक्ष्य  aim, goal
Terror भय, आतंक  dread, horror, fear
Timid डरपोक  afraid, cowardly, fearful
Tolerate सहना  allow, bear
Twinkle टिमटिमाना, चमकना  glitter, shine, sparkle

Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-02 

Synonyms start with U, V, and W  Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-03

Word         Hindi meaning Synonyms
Uphill चढ़ने वाला  difficult, tough
Urgent आवश्यक  critical, eager, crucial
Utmost सर्वाधिक  extreme, final
Utterance उच्चारण  statement, speech
Vacant खाली  empty, free
Vanish लुप्त होना  depart, die out
Victory जित  conquest, win
Vigilant चौकन्ना  alert, attentive
Vigorous ओजश्वी, बलवान  active, energetic
Vulgar असामान्य, common, native
Voyage यात्रा  journey, trip
Watchman चौकीदार, पहरेदार  guard
Well-known प्रशिद्ध  famous, popular
Wholesome लाभदायक  beneficial, worthy
Worldwide सर्वत्र  general, global
Wrestle कुस्ती  battle, contest

Synonyms start with Y and Z

Word         Hindi meaning Synonyms
Yearly वार्षिक  annual
Yield हवाला  Abdicate, allow
Youthful युवा  boyish, childish, young
Zeal उत्साह, जोश  devotion, zest
Zealous उत्साही  devoted, eager, spirited
Zenith उच्चतम  apex, climax, top
Zest स्वादिष्ट  appetite, charm

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