Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-02

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Synonyms with Hindi meaning (समानार्थी शब्द )

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Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-02 

Definition:- Synonyms are words that are similar to another word or have a related meaning.

Synonym का अर्थ समानार्थी या पर्यायवाची शब्द हे।  वे शब्द जो अर्थ में लगभग समान होते हे। किन्तु उनके रूप में विभिन्नता होती हे। ऐसे शब्द Synonym कहलाते हे। 

Let’s read some Important Synonym with Hindi meaning (G- P)

Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-01 (A – F)

Synonyms start with G-H-I  Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-02 

Word         Hindi meaning Synonyms
Game खेल  sports, frolic
Good अच्छा  upright, true
Gift उपहार  donation, present
Gay प्रसन्न  cheerful, jolly
Gracious दयालु  graceful, kind
Holy पवित्र  pious, godly
Home घर  dwelling, residence
Habitual आदतन  customary, usual
Hazard खतरा  Risk, danger
Hostage  सुरक्षा  security, bond
Haven स्वर्ग  refuge, shelter
Homage श्रद्धांजलि  tribute, salute
Ignorant अज्ञानता  illiterate, 
Idle आलसी  inactive, useless
Injure चोट  ill, hurt
Immortal अमर  endless, undying

पढ़े Sentences with a special word

Synonyms with Hindi meaning

Synonyms start with J-K-L-M

Word         Hindi meaning Synonyms
Just  अभी, justice  upright, fair
Journey यात्रा  tour, travel, trip
Knowledge ज्ञान  information, learning
Knave धूर्त, मुर्ख  rascal, scamp
Kind दयालु, प्रकार  tender, 
Lazy आलसी  idle
Lack आभाव  want, need
Luster चमक  shine, glory
Labour मजदूरी  work, toil
Loyal वफादार  faithful
Mistake गलती  error, fault
Mute चुप्पी  silent, dumb
Moum दुखी  grieve, lament
Merry शादी  jocund, joyous
Motive उद्देश्य  purpose, reason
Morbid अस्वस्थ  ailing, sickly

Synonyms start with N-O-P 

Synonyms with Hindi meaning Part-02 

Word         Hindi meaning Synonyms
Narrate  वर्णन  tell, say, recite
Native प्राकृतिक  original, natural
Obscene अश्लील  corrupt, indecent
Offense अपराध  insult, wrong
Old पुराना  ancient, 
Obvious स्पष्ट  clear, evident
Obtain प्राप्त करना  get, attain
Oral मौखिक  Verbal
Outlaw अपराधी  Criminal, bandit
Overcome जितना  Conquer, defeat
Poor गरीब  Destitute, needy
Pardon क्षमा  Forgive, Excuse
Precious कीमती  Costly, priceless
Predict भविष्यवाणी  Fortell, herald
Proceed आगे बढ़ना  Move, progress
Prevent रोकना  Hinder, stop

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