Use of preposition By

Use of preposition By(preposition  by का प्रयोग)

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Hello, friends today we are discussing the use of the preposition By.

Some Important rules Use of preposition By

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Rule 1. By का प्रयोग (के किनारे के समीप ) के अर्थ में Beside की जगह किया जाता है। Used to indicate proximity:


  • Ram came and sit by his mother.
  • his village is by the river.
  • Can I sit by you?
  • He was standing by me.
  • The post office is by the bank

Rule  2.  By का प्रयोग ‘निर्दिष्ट समय से पहले या तक’ के अर्थ में किया जाता है। The meaning of this structure is:  not later than; before or at a particular time


  • He will have Informed the police of the accident by tomorrow morning.
  • Guests must vacate their hotel rooms by 11 am.
  • Please send us the payment by tomorrow.
  • Students must enroll by the end of June

Rule 3.  By का प्रयोग “से /द्वारा “के अर्थ में यातायात के साधनो से पहले किया जाता है। This structure describes how you travel somewhere


by + train


  • He comes here by scooter.
  • David went to Manchester by train.
  • I go to work by car.
  • My parents often go to France by boat.
  • Our children have never traveled by plane before.

Use of preposition By

Rule 4.  By का प्रयोग  का प्रयोग passive voice के sentences में object के पहले भी किया जाता है। Used to indicate the person that does something in a passive voice sentence:


  • Sarah wrote the book. (active)
    The book was written by Sarah. (passive)
  • Our school organized the concert. (active)
    The concert was organized by our school. (passive)

Rule 5.  By का प्रयोग ऐसे कार्य या action के पहले किया जाता है ,जिस action के कारण परिणाम प्राप्त हुवे है। Used to indicate an action with a particular purpose:


  • You can pass the exam by preparing for it.
  • I expressed my feeling toward her by writing a letter.
  • She finally broke the record by /with pure effort.

Rule 6.  By का प्रयोग method को express करने के लिए किया जाता है।  Used to indicate a mean or method:


  • Please send this package to Russia by airmail.
  • I came here by subway.
  • I will send you the invoice by post.
  • Please confirm the order by email.

Rule 7.  By का प्रयोग का phrases में भी किया  जाता है।


By + chance,  force;  heart,  god,  myself,  mistake.

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