Disease name in English

Disease name in English

Disease name in English with Hindi meaning

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Disease name in English

India is experiencing a rapid health transition with a rising burden of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) surpassing the burden of Communicable diseases like water-borne or vector-borne diseases, TB, HIV, etc. Non-Communicable Diseases like Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer, Chronic Respiratory Diseases, Diabetes, etc. are estimated to account for around 60% of all deaths. NCDs cause considerable loss in potentially productive years of life. Losses due to premature deaths related to heart diseases, stroke, and Diabetes are also projected to increase over the years.

Here are some commonlyDisease name in English

Insomnia नींद    आना
Hurt चोट
Pain दर्द
Bleeding खून  का  बहना
Wound घाव
Pus  पीप  
Pimple फुन्सी  ,   मुहांसा
Boil फोड़ा
Acne मुंहासो  का  रोग
Tumour गांठ
Gland गिल्टी
Tonsil गलसुआ
Wart मस्सा
Stature कद
Cough खांसी
Coryza जुकाम
Fever ज्वर  ,   बुखार
Typhus काला  ज्वर
Dengue लंगड़ा  बुखार
Jaundice कामला
Headache  सिर दर्द 
Stomachache पेट दर्द 
Obesity चर्बी  बढ़ना
Acidity अम्ल  पित
Indigestion बदहज्मी
Constipation कब्ज
Worm कृमि
Loose – Stool  , Motion दस्त
Piles बवासीर
Ringworm दाद

some more commonly Diseases

Blind अन्धा
Dumb गूंगा
Deaf बहरा
Lame लंगड़ा
Bald गंजा
Mad पागल
Lunacy पागलपन
Lean दुबला
Dwarf बौना
One-Eyed काना
Health तंदुरुस्ती
Disease रोग
Plague महामारी
Breath सांस
Voice स्वर
Tears आंसू
Sweat पसीना
Spittle थूक
Phlegm बलगम  ,   कफ़
Belching डकार
Hiccup हिचकी
Yawn उबासी
Yawning जंभाई
Thirst प्यास
Sneezing छींकना
Vomit कै  करना
Sprain मोच
Swelling सूजन
Urine मूत्र
Sleep नींद


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Scabies खाज
Itch खुज़ली
Syphilis गरमी
Sunstroke लू  लगना
Giddiness चक्कर  आने  की  स्थिति
Chill ठंड
Hoarseness गला  बैठना
Anaemia खून  की  कमी
Abortion गर्भपात
Asthma दमा
Hunchback कुबड़ा
Leprosy कोढ़
Leucoderma श्वेत  कुष्ठ
Rheumatism गठिया
Stone पथरी
Gonorrhoea सूज़ाक
Narcolepsy निद्रा  रोग
Short  – Sightedness अल्पदृष्टि
Long  – Sightedness दूरदृष्टि
Cataract मोतियाबिंद
Measles खसरा
Dysentery पेचिश
Diarrhoea अतिसार
Cholera हैज़ा
Typhoid मोतीझरा
Hernia आंत  उतरना
Small – Pox शीतला
Diabetes मधुमेह

Prevention and methods to Avoid infections

  • Frequent and thorough hand washing after coming in contact with someone who is ill, animals or animal droppings
  • Keeping your hands away from your mouth and nose
  • Maintain a hygienic, sanitary household with special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Avoiding people who are coughing or sneezing, and if you must cough or sneeze, do so in your elbow to limit the spread of any infections
  • Being up-to-date on vaccinations, to reduce the risk of viral infections
  • Keeping all open wounds clean and covered
  • Avoiding insect bites by covering up and using insect repellent
  • Drinking or eating food only from trusted sources

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