Use of As soon As

Use of As soon As

Use of Conjunction As soon As(As soon As का प्रयोग)

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Use of As soon As

Hello students! I’m Murli, your teacher, and friend from Today, I’m going to teach you how to form sentences with the construction of Conjunction As soon As.

As soon As का प्रयोग ज्योही …. त्योंही या जैसे ही (at the moment that ) के अर्थ में किया जाता है। जैसे:-As soon As the thief saw the police, he ran away. जैसे ही चोर ने पुलिस को देखा, वह भाग गया  use of not only ……but also

1. As soon As (जैसे ही)

2. As soon As possible(जितना जल्दी हो सके)

आइये, उदाहरणों की सहायता से समझते है। 

let’s understand with Examples. Use of As soon As

SN.                        Hindi sentences                          English sentences
1. कृपया जितना जल्दी हो सके हमसे संपर्क करें। Please contact us as soon as possible
2. मैं इसे जितनी जल्दी हो सके  करना चाहता हूँ।  I want it to do as soon as possible
3. मैं वहां रहूंगा जितनी जल्दी हो सके।
I will be there as soon as possible.
4. जितनी जल्दी हो सके, मेरे साथ आओ। Come with me, as soon as possible.
5. मैं वहां रहूंगा जितनी जल्दी हो सके। I will be there as soon as possible.
6. मैं अपना कर्ज़ जल्द-से-जल्द चुकताऊँगा। I will pay my debt as soon as possible.
7. मैं जल्द से जल्द घरऊंगा। I will come back home as soon as possible.
8. जैसे ही वो आया, मैं चला गया। As soon as he came, I left.

The moment he came, I left.

9. मेरे घर आ जाना जैसे ही पापा आ जायें। Come to my home the moment dad comes.

Come to my home as soon as dad comes.

10. जितनी जल्दी हो सके चले जाओ। Leave/go as soon as possible.
11. जैसे ही उसने काम ख़त्म किया वह चला गया। As soon as he finished his work, he went out.
12. जैसे ही में बिस्तर पर गया, नींद आ गयी। As soon as I went to bed, I fell asleep.
13. जैसे ही मेरे दोस्त ने मुझे देखा उसने कार रोक दी। As soon as my friend saw me, he stopped the car.
14.  जैसे ही मेने सर्प देखा, में भाग गया। As soon as I saw a snake, I ran away
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