name of relationship in English

name of relationship in English

name of relationship in the English

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name of relationship in English

today we are going to tell you the Family Relationship Names. We have built a list of names of some common Family relationships here. Not only this, the names of all these Family relationships have been shared with you in both English and Hindi language.

List Of Family Relationship Names In Hindi And English

S.N. In English  In Hindi
01  Mother माता
02 Father पिता
03 Brother भाई
04 Sister बहन
05 Elder Brother भैया / बड़ा भाई
06 Elder Sister दीदी / बड़ी बहन
07 Grandfather नाना
08 Grandmother नानी
09 Younger Brother छोटा भाई
10 Younger Sister छोटी बहन
11 Son बेटा
12 Daughter बेटी / पुत्री
13 Adopted Son गोद लिया पुत्र / दत्तक पुत्र
14 Adopted Daughter गोद लिया पुत्र / दत्तक पुत्र
15 great grandfather परदादा 
16 great grandmother परदादी 
17 Aunt चाची
18 Uncle चाचा
19 fellow  संगी /साथी 
20 Wife पत्नी / बीबी
21 Husband पति
22  Grandson पोता
23 Grand Daughter पोती

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name of relationship in English

S.N. In Hindi In English
24 Daughter’s Son नाती / नवासी / देहाता
25 Daughter’s Daughter नातिन / नवासी / देहाती
26 Fiancé Or Fiancée मंगेतर
27 Niece भांजा / भांजी
28 Nephew भतीजा / भतीजी
29 Son’s Wife (Daughter In Law) बहू / पुत्रबधू
30 Daughter’s Husband (Son In Law) दमाद / जमाई
31 Step Brother सौतेला भाई
Step Sister
सौतेला भाई
32 Step Sister सौतेली बहन
33 Step Mother सौतेली माँ
34 Step Father सौतेला पिता
35 Step Son सौतेला पुत्र / सौतेला बेटा
36 Step Daughter सौतेली पुत्री / सौतेली बेटी
37 Mistress उप-पत्नी
38 Heir बारिस
39 Concubine / Keep Mistress रखैल
40 Relative संबंधी
41 Own सगा
42 Friend दोस्त / मित्र
43 Lover प्रेमी
44 Girlfriend प्रेमिका
45 Boyfriend प्रेमी
46 Pupil शिष्य

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S.N. In Hindi In English
47 Pupil शिष्य
48 Disciple चेला
49 Preceptor गुरु
50 Guest अथिति / यजमान
51 Teacher अध्यापक / अध्यपिका
52 Tenant किराएदार
53 Customer ग्राहक
54 Landlord जमींदार / मकान मालिक
55 Client मुव्श्किल / ग्राहक
56 Patient रोगी
57 Bride  दुल्हन 
58 bridegroom  दूल्हा 
59 paramour  यार 

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