reciprocal pronoun definition and examples

reciprocal pronoun definition and examples

Reciprocal pronoun definition, examples, and exercise

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reciprocal pronoun definition and examples

What is a reciprocal pronoun?

reciprocal pronouns are the compound pronoun that is closely connected with each other and point out the mutual relation

A reciprocal pronoun is a pronoun that expresses a mutual relationship. Each other and one another are reciprocal pronouns.

 reciprocal pronoun वे  pronoun होते है जो पारस्परिक सम्बन्ध को अभिव्यक्त करते है Each other और one another reciprocal pronoun है। 

some Important points of use of the reciprocal pronoun

1. reciprocal pronoun का प्रयोग  always objective case में होता है।

2. Each other का प्रयोग दो व्यक्तियों या वस्तुओ के लिए किया जाता है, तथा one another का प्रयोग दो से अधिक व्यक्तियों या वस्तुओ के लिए किया जाता है।

3. The reciprocal pronouns are also used possessive by applying apostrophe and s at the end.

Each other’s, one another’s

Examples of reciprocal pronouns:-

  • They love each other.
  • The boys helped one another.
  • We all love one another.
  • We give each other gifts in exchange.
  • The entire class congratulated one another after the exams.
  • The thieves are trying to help each other to rescue the cops.
  • The boats are striking each other because of the tides.
  • Both of them are throwing the pillows on one another while playing.
  • Johnson and Juliet are supporting each other in their bad days.
  • They have settled with each other
  • Jack and Jill hate each other.
  • The crayfish started attacking one another.
  • The team members played their hearts out for one another.
  • They gave each other presents.
  • Have you seen each other‘s solution?
  • We gave each other gifts.
  • Why don’t you believe each other?
  • They can’t see each other.

निचे Reciprocal pronoun की exercise है, साथ ही answer भी दिए गए है ताकि आप concept को अच्छी तरह समझ सको और सिख सको 

Exercise of Reciprocal pronoun

Question 01. Fill in the blanks with suitable Reciprocal pronoun:

  1. The two sisters loved………. very dearly.
  2. Little children love……..
  3. The two brothers quarreled with………
  4. They all gave evidence against……….
  5. They cheated……….
  6. The two men hate………..
  7. Divyansh and His father love……….
  8. Ram, Shyam, and Mohan help………..
  9. We should all love……….
  10. The couple spoke to ……….
  11. They all loved each other.
  12. Ram and Shyam like one another.
  13. Each other were ready to go to school.
  14. All of them hate each other.
  15. He and I looked at one another.
         Answers With Explanation
  1. each other
  2.  one another
  3. each other
  4.  one another
  5.  one another
  6. each other
  7. each other
  8.  one another
  9.  one another
  10. each other
  11.  They all loved one another.
  12. Ram and Shyam like each other.
  13. They were ready to go to school.
  14. All of them hate one another.
  15. He and I looked at each other. 

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