speech on republic day 26 january

speech on republic day 26 january

speech on republic day (26 January) for students and teachers

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speech on republic day 26 January

Never Forget The Hero’s Who Sacrificed Their Lives To Bring Up This Glorious Day To India,

              Happy Republic Day

Let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of India.              Happy Republic Day 2022
Some like Sunday, Some like Monday,

But I like One Day

And that is Republic Day

Speech 01:  

I would like to say good morning to My Respected Principal, Sir, Madam, and my dear colleagues. As we all know that we get together here to celebrate the 73rd Republic Day of our nation. This is a very auspicious occasion for all of us. Since 1950, we are celebrating Republic Day every year with lots of joy and happiness. Before starting the celebration, our chief guest of Republic Day hoists the national flag of India. Then we all stand up and sing our Indian national anthem which is a symbol of unity and peace in India. Our National Anthem is written by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Our national flag has three colors and a wheel in the center with 24 equal stacks. All the three colors of our Indian National Flag have some meaning. The top saffron color of our flag denotes the strength and courage of our country. The middle white color indicates peace however lower green color indicates growth and prosperity. There is a navy blue wheel in the center having 24 equal spokes indicating the Dharma Chakra of the great king Ashoka.

We celebrate republic day on 26 January as the Indian constitution came into force on this day in 1950. At the republic day celebration, a big arrangement takes place by the government of India in New Delhi at Rajpath in front of the India Gate. Every year, a chief guest is invited to fulfill the purpose of saying “Atithi Devo Bhava” as well as enhance the glory of the occasion. Indian army does a republic day parade and takes the salute of the National Flag. 

Jai Hind        Jai Bharat

speech on republic day 26 january

Speech 02

Good morning to our honored Principal Sir / Madam, Respected teachers, and all my classmates. India is going to celebrate 73rd Republic Day on 26 January 2022. To begin with, I wish you all a very Joyful Republic Day, on 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force, so we rejoice on this day because of the Republic Day of India. However, the Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949. On 26 January, India was declared Purna Swaraj by the Indian National Congress in 1930, that’s why 26 January was chosen to implement the Indian Constitution.

Republic means the individuals (supreme power) residing within the nation, only the public has the right to lead the nation in the right path as a political leader to elect their representatives. So, India is a republic nation the place we choose our leaders as President, Prime Minister, and many others. Our Constitution lays down the fundamental rights and duties of the individuals of the Republic of India. Each citizen of India is equal within the eyes of the legislation, and nobody needs to be troubled by religion, creed, caste, color, or race.

Wish you all a very happy Republic Day once again and hope that we will soon achieve the goals of development and prosperity together!

Jai Hind        Jai Bharat

Speech 03:  speech on republic day 26 january

Good morning to our Honorable Chief Guest honored Principal Sir / Madam, Respected teachers, and all my classmates and all my dear friends of my school.

Today we have gathered here to celebrate the auspicious occasion of 26 January Republic Day. Today our Republic Day completes 73 years. The day of 26 January is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and joy all over India as Republic Day.

The main reason for celebrating this day is that when India became independent on 15 August 1947, India was not a self-governing country. When the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950, India became a self-governing country. For this reason, 26 January is celebrated with enthusiasm as Republic Day.

The meaning of a republic is the power and freedom of all the people of the country to choose their leaders to lead the country in the right direction or field. India is a republic country where the people elect their leaders as a leader, prime minister, etc.

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The people of India have the right to freedom. Our constitution is one. We are all citizens of India. When we go to another country, we identify as Indian. Diversity makes our country more beautiful.

Our great freedom fighters have struggled a lot to bring Purna Swaraj in India. Indian freedom fighters did this so that their coming generation does not have to struggle and the new generation can take the country forward.

We Indians should never forget the contribution and sacrifices of these great men towards our country. We should remember and salute these great men. Flying in the open sky today.

This has been possible only because of their contribution and sacrifices. Because of their contribution, we can do it freely. We should be proud to be Indian.

Jai Hind        Jai Bharat

Thank you!

Republic day History…

On 15 August 1947, India gained its independence from British rule after the Indian independence movement. A law passed in 1947, under the Indian Independence Act (10 & 11 Geo 6 c 30), divided British India into two independent Dominions of the British Commonwealth (later the Commonwealth of Nations).

India became a constitutional monarchy after independence on 15 August 1947 under the governor-generalship of Earl Mountbatten and the head of state, George VI.

The Indian laws, however, were based on the modified Government of India Act 1935, not yet a permanent constitution. Under the chairmanship of Dr. B R Ambedkar, the 29 August 1947 act of convocation for the appointment of a Drafting Committee was passed.

Indian Independence Day celebrates independence from British rule; Republic Day commemorates the country’s establishment of a constitution. The Constituent Assembly met for 166 days in open sessions during the period of two years, 11 months, and 18 days that followed. After its adoption on 2 May 1950, the Constitution became law.

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